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Facilities Needed [12 Oct 2009|10:53am]

Hey all. I am an IHSA coach in the Pennsylvania / NJ area.
I am looking for a facility in PA or NJ that has an arena (indoor is a plus) large enough to SAFELY jump an entire equitation course.
More importantly a facility that has a few (20 would be perfect but we'll take what we can get) safe horses for us to use would be an even bigger bonus.

Every team in our region must host a show every year. We've been using a large show barn in NJ whose facilities are MORE than adequate but their school horses are LESS than well taken care of. Many appear lame and most need a few hundred lbs on them, not to even mention the ill fitting tack. I've taken it upon myself to start the search for alternatives. We sometimes host at smaller private barns but this means that we have to scrounge up horses to use (we require at least 20 for every show in order to fill all skill levels and ensure that no horse goes over worked) which is ok for 1 or 2 shows a year but gets tiring weekend after weekend and I am sure that's why we're still grudgingly giving money to this establishment who is CERTAINLY not using it to shoe, feed or blanket their horses.

So, if you know of any place that might be an option please let me know. An arena is a start, useable horses would be a godsend.

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Reputable Trainers Near Northeast Pa [02 Jul 2009|08:21pm]

Hey Equestrian-ers. I am looking for a trainer who would be no more than 2.5 hours from me that I can trailer my horse in for a lesson once a month or so.
TBH what I'd really like is someone ELSE to get on the horse and solve his problems because at this point I have hangups about it all and I don't see ME fixing it until someone else does it successfully.

What's the problem, you ask? F'n flying changes.

So, if you know anyone, anyone at ALL, that takes trailer in lessons that will get on the horse themselves, in 2.5 hours or less from Northeastern PA (specifically Harvey's Lake, PA) please let me know.
Heck, if any of you want to come and try yourselves, there's a fun day and a jar of home made black raspberry jelly in it for ya ;)

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Open stall (or paddock!) in Northeast Pa! [16 Nov 2008|09:02pm]

Hey all! I run a small boarding facility in Northeast Pa. We currently have room for either a pasture board horse or a regular full board horse. You can visit our website here: www.royalrock.net and see pics of the farm and facilities.

We really take pride in individual care and unfortunately seem to specialize in those horses with "special" needs (older horses, horses with baggage, hard keepers etc. etc.) although the "normal" ones are JUST as happy :)

Now, normally we don't go advertising our availability all willy nilly on internet forums but it's a bit of an "emergency".

A friend of mine works at a TB farm where part of her job is exercising many of the horses. Due to the current economic situation the owners are "getting rid" of many of the horses including our favorite, who is the sweetest animal you will ever meet and really deserves a better home than the one we fear he will get by being sold "dirt cheap". The owners are willing to give this horse to my friend for free BUT she doesn't have any room left at her house.
So the deal I have made with my husband is that if we can fill one of the open spaces (pasture or stall) that I can bring that horse here where he will be WELL cared for and my friend and I can sleep at night.

If you know of anyone looking for board in my area please give them the heads up. We're normally a very quiet and small private boarding facility so we're not super well known in the region, but you certainly get your money's worth here. Besides training horses that I get for a month or two here or there, we get boarders that come and NEVER leave and wonder why they didn't move sooner.

Thank you!!!

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Rubber footing [18 Aug 2008|12:16pm]

Does anyone know where you can get crumb rubber/ shredded tires as close to Northeastern PA as possible? We got quotes from Permaflex and some other places but I know getting generic stuff will be a heck of a lot cheaper. The problem seems to be finding out who to contact. I am hoping someone on here is from near or semi-near me and has gotten some and can help me out :)
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For Anna poem [09 Jun 2008|03:22pm]

Every horse lover should check out "For Anna" on this website http://www.flowerhillfarm.net/archives.html
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From PA [03 Apr 2008|01:46pm]

Hi there,

I have just recently started riding. I have been working with a trainer riding English in an arena only. I hope to start trail riding this year. My horse is a Peruvian Paso and he has to get used to being out on a trail as well, so I have no idea how soon we'll be ready, but we're working on it. I was lucky to be with my friend when her mare foaled this weekend. It was a brand new experience for me and I will cherish it always. I have pictures on my blog of the new baby:


Looking forward to reading this blog.
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Hello from upstate New York [06 Feb 2008|03:04pm]

Hi! My name's Meg, and I'm from Saratoga Springs, NY.

I've been riding for over four years now, yet I'm perpetually stuck on the bridge between beginner and intermediate rider.

I've been working with a (now twenty-year-old) Warmblood gelding named Ahli for the better portion of my career thus far (winter of my first year to present, I believe). The two of us make quite a pair sometimes.

pics!Collapse )

Ahli is a lesson horse at a small stable called Total Horse. I'm not his only rider, and he has to deal with a lot of beginners, so he's got more issues than he should, but he's overall a very good horse.
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Greetings! [29 Jan 2008|07:41am]

Hi, my name's Lynn, I'm from PA and I've been a lurker here for a bit. I'm one of those crazy people who started "late" in life at the ripe ol' age of 13. Eleven years later and I'm still stuck on it. I can't afford this addiction, so I exercise horses for my trainer. Aka, I get to ride and she gets whatever beastie she wants worked. However, there is one pony I've been riding consistently this winter (since it's kind of a slow season).

In the winter, the pony I ride becomes a wooly bear. He's an American Draft Pony named Hoover (and he can eat like one too)

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Free Horse [12 Jan 2008|09:14pm]

Ok, so I know there aren't many people on here near me, but I will first say that I am in Northeastern Pennsylvania - Harvey's Lake to be exact. Most likely the horse will have to be picked up.

Description and details behind the cut
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Hello! [29 Dec 2007|02:50pm]

Hi! I live in York County PA. I have worked on a horse farm and ridden. I worked and took lessons at a place in Spring Grove, PA called Summerhill Equine Center. It's now known as Rutledge Horse and Cattle Co. The owner got married and her husband owns cattle.

It's been about 12 years since I've been around horses, but over the past few years, the urge has come on strong. I currently am going to Penn State York for Mechanical Engineering and I hope to one day earn enough to have a horse or two of my own and the place to keep them! I don't know anybody who rides at this point so I thought that perhaps it would be a good idea to meet friends who may one day ride with me on trails or whatever. I don't want to own a horse and not be able to trail ride because of not having a partner for safety.

Right now, I'm going through some tough times. I'm separated and living at home with my mom. I work full time and go to college part time. It's going to take a long time to get my degree, but I have the huge goal of owning an Andalusian to fulfill and at this point I don't earn enough to make it on my own much less own a horse of any breed! I hope that by getting my degree, I'll be able to potentially make enough money to support myself, have a place of my own and own a horse as well!

I enjoy art and have actually done pet portraits for people in the past. I have quite a goofy side to me and I have a wide range of interests so I can talk about nearly anything! :)

I hope to hear from anyone wishing to chat with me! I have a lot to learn about horses and horse ownership before I will feel confident in owning a horse!

I love horses of all breeds but feel drawn to Andalusian and Lusitano horses in particular.
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First ride without Razz... [03 Dec 2007|09:57pm]

[ mood | crushed ]

Today was the saddest night I have ever felt before. Carole told me that I could pick a horse that I wanted to ride, so I chose Charley. He's a big percheron. It was just entirely too hard for me to know that Razz wasn't there. I brought the hay cart down towards his stall, and...I swear to God I could hear him crying out to me in my head wanting hay. It made my heart twinge and I wanted to cry so badly. To not have him there makes it extremely hard, but he'll always be in my heart, like Emmel told me. I rode Charley tonight, but my heart wasn't into it. I smiled, but my pain showed. I was heartbroken and just wanted to sit on top of Charley and walk around for the rest of the lesson, which is what I did. Honestly, I felt like crying. It's still all to devastating. The news destroyed me in ways that I didn't know it could. My heart has never felt this low in such a long time. And I know Razz wouldn't want me to be sad, but he made me so happy. He gave me the confidence I needed to strive to do better. Tonight was a sad ride for me, and I know Carole saw it in me. I just wanted to walk around, I was too upset and distraught. I do not want to give up riding, because I love it with all my heart. To know that Razz is on Rainbow Bridge waiting for me, puts my heart at ease. Words cannot describe how much I loved Razz, and still love him. He will always be apart of me, in my heart and mind forever.

I ask that you all bare with me while I go through this grieving. Razz and I were close, and I just am trying to get better, but it won't for some time.

Thank you.

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"Horses Leave Hoofprints On Our Hearts" [01 Dec 2007|11:33am]

[ mood | crushed ]

 And that is immensely true, too. Nearly three years ago, I rode a horse that I've never ridden before. I had to ride him, because the horse I normally ride was out of work for a bit due to a splint injury.  The horse I got to ride was Mr. Razz. A 16.1hh Chestnut Thoroughbred Gelding. I was nervous of riding a new horse, because for the longest time I was riding a 15.1hh Draft Horse named Arthur. So if you've ever done that, you would know that it's a big difference. Arthur was short and stocky while Razz was tall and lean. It was a big difference for me, too. I got on Razz and Maire (my instructor at the time) told me to get used to him. I trotted him and I started to laugh, only because I said, "He's bouncy." It was fun, too. :) I had a big grin on my face the entire time. When it was time to canter, Maire told me to stay on half the arena so I could get used to him, and I did. He was a new horse for me, so I had to get used to him. I started to canter him, and WOW. I loved his canter. It was the most smoothest canter I have ever felt before in my life. He made me get a big smile upon my face and I just was happy. After I was done, Maire told me that that was the best canter she had ever seen me actually SITTING for. I did feel myself sit, too. It was just awesome. I loved it. I have taken my two worst falls off of Razz. The first fall was when we were coming down from a canter, and he took a bad step and fell down. I went over his head and landed on my hands not too far in front of him. I turned and saw Razz just sitting there, and I was in shock. They told me to get up and out of the way so Razz could get up, too. And I did, and he got up. Have you ever seen a horse do that? Just wait until you get out of harm's way before he/she gets up? Amazing, I was totally blown away at the fact that Razz was waiting for me to get out of the way. It was something I'll never forget. The next fall was just a few months later, I believe, and we were going over raised cavaletties (spelling?). I went through and I don't know what happened, but we bounced way too much and he tried to stay under me, but the next thing I knew, I was falling off to the right. I ended up with a contusion (bruise) on my rib, because I was in a lot of pain. My dad came home and took me to the ER, because of it. After that ride, I was nervous about getting up on Razz. I wanted to do it though, because I wanted to. So I rode him in a clinic with an amazing woman that really helped me get over my fear, and it worked. Razz gave me the confidence to continue my work with him. That summer, Razz had a real bad puncture wound on his shoulder, and I was devastated and I couldn't just sit by and watch. I did help and cold hosed it and such. I'm sure Razz was grateful. He did get spoiled a lot. :) This past year, I rode him in the student horse show at my barn, and I didn't place in W/T, but I did place in W/T/C. I placed 6th, out of like 12, I believe. It was insane. Yes, they should've split it up, but oh well. I was glad that I placed. :) During the next few months I learned of Razz's squealing when you go from walk or halt up to canter. He absolutely LOVES things like that because it makes him work more and he just loves it. I totally knew that he did, because after I would do that and get him to go to trot, he didn't want to. It was the cutest thing EVER. I had to be strong with him, because he was really moving forward, it was great. During the summer months, it was fantastic. We got to ride out in the outdoor arena, and I loved it. We were able to breath more and feel the air rushing over us as we walked, trotted or cantered. I have been the luckiest person on earth to come across a horse that loves to be ridden and to be happy. I am sad to say that My Razzle Dazzle passed away on Friday, November 30, 2007. He had a badly broken leg, and there was nothing they could do. The barn manager was nice to call me and tell me so I didn't get a surprise when I went in there the next time. Mr. Razz was 20 years old....a horse that I love and truly miss.

Please look at the link below and see the horse that I have loved for so long.


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Video [04 Jul 2007|09:01am]


That is me Cantering Mr. Razz. I do hope that it works 'cause it took me FOREVER to upload onto photobucket. Please let me know what you think. :)

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Great ride! [12 May 2007|04:12pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hey everyone! I trust everyone has had a great week, like myself. I had a really nice ride on Mr. Razz this past Monday. For those that don't know who he is, he is the love of my life. He is a schooling horse, so he's not mine, but I feel like he is because I ride him and only him, except when he needs a break. Razz is a 20 year old 16.1hh Chestnut Thoroughbred Gelding. Honestly, I would have loved for Razz to have a baby with a beautiful mare, because Razz is the most sweetest horse you'll ever meet. I have a couple videos here, one of me riding and the other of how damn cute Razz is! Like I said, I made a video of Razz and I cantering. It's a nice video, because I edited it and added music, too! Enjoy!!

Please let me know what y'all think!!!

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Fresian Cross Mare for sale [29 Apr 2007|10:12pm]

Ok.... I need to know if anyone might be interested in buying a Fresian cross mare for $4,500. She is in my opinion worth more than that, and the person currently training her is marketing her for $10,000 for "quick sale" however he is currently being slandered over a good portion of the internet and we are pretty sure she will not sell quickly if at all because of that. Also, of course we had our doubts about this trainer to begin with but are now feeding into the negativity and are worried about leaving her with him longer than necessary.
We are located in Northeastern, PA. She is 15.0 hands 4 years old. She has amazing potential and is extremely athletic. She was doing W/T/C and cross rails as well as starting some light lateral work when she was in training with me.
She DOES however have some silly little 4yo. things she does such as sometimes swish her tail and swing her head going into the canter. For the new trainer this has become a buck and bolt but I ABSOLUTELY NEVER had this problem with her.
I can give pictures and plenty more info to anyone who is even the slightest bit interested.
She is register able and EXTREMELY beautiful. In fact that is why her owner was suckered into buying her because she is so stunning. However we have come to find out the owner just simply does not have the patience for a young horse even though this mare is completely appropriate in her training.

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Balance Saddling Clinic [15 Mar 2007|12:28pm]

Saddling for Success
An interactive workshop, demo, and saddling clinic for horse owners, riders, and professionals in the horse industry presented by Carol Brett, co-founder of the UK-based Balance Organisation and a leading authority on the connections between saddle design and equine biomechanics.

Hosted by:
Hollandale Farm
Elizabeth, PA
(About 20 miles south of Pittsburgh)
May 19–20, 2007

If you are interested in helping your horse to preserve, or even rediscover, a healthy, athletic body and efficient, beautiful movement, the information provided in this workshop, demo, and saddling clinic will be of immense value.
Bring your saddle with you and find out if it is helping your horse to perform well by understanding the impact of its design features on your horse. Discover what ridden horses need from their saddles in order to avoid damage, discomfort, and loss of performance. Get some idea of how you might improve the way a less-than-perfect saddle could work.
During the workshop and demo, you will have the opportunity to study what has become known as the Balance Saddling System. However, this event is not a selling exercise! Certainly, when you have seen the difference that this ergonomic approach to working with saddles can make, you may want to give your horse the opportunity to try it. The 1½-hour private saddling consultations (pre-register to ensure your space) provide a thorough evaluation of your horse and saddle. Whatever you decide, you will certainly go home with a lot of valuable information.

Workshop and demo: $45
(includes lunch—please bring your own chair)
Private saddling consultation: $115
(please note: it’s very important that those who participate in a saddling consultation also participate in the workshop and demo. An additional fee will be assessed for those unable to attend the workshop and demo.)

For more information on the clinic and registration, comment here with your email address.

Fore more information on the Balance Organisation, visit http://www.BalanceInternational.com.
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A great PS2 game to check out!! [11 Feb 2007|08:14pm]


This game is addicting! It's called "Lucinda Green's Equestrian Challenge". It's for PS2, and it's amazing. I played it for 4 hours straight at my friend's house the other night. I have a PS2 and am waiting for my game to come in the mail. 

This game gives you 6 stalls, but 1 to start out with. You have to build up to unlock the others. You have to take care of your horse (feed, water, brush, etc.) and then you train it (dressage, show jumping, and cross country) and then you are able to compete in 3-day events. It's awesome!!! During the game you unlock things such as a brush, carrots, good tack, good saddles, and other real cool stuff. The training you go through is two-star, then three-star, then four-star. Four-star is the hardest of them all. It took me four hours to do the two-star training and the competition. It's a lot of fun and I TOTALLY reccommend it!

Game: Lucinda Green's Equestrian Challenge

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Shows ....any shows at all. [10 Feb 2007|10:53pm]

Our farm is near Wilkes-Barre, PA. It's about an hour and a half to Norristown (outside of Philly), about an hour and a half to Califon/ Hackettstown (Northwest Jersey)

Anyone know of any shows - schooling, local, or otherwise?
Hunters, Jumpers, Event, Dressage.

I'd like it to be under a 2 hour drive so I hope the above info gives you an idea of my location. We have alot of training horses as well as students and my own personl horses I'd like to get out this year. Like I said, rated would be nice, but I'm not going to show enough to go anywhere - I just want to get these horses (and students) out!!! Any info would be great!

We're already looking at Our Farm and BCHP.
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northeast pa trainers? [16 Jan 2007|10:01pm]

I'm from the northeast PA - near Wilkes-Barre. I am looking for a GOOD trainer who can help me put the finishing touches on my jumper. I have only really done hunters until now and I think this guy has a need for speed (he can really sit down and make it happen) - but its all new to me. I'm willing to travel up to an hour. Any help is GREATLY appreciated!!!
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On the topic of advertising... [23 Dec 2006|05:06pm]

[ mood | melancholy ]

My horse and I are in Warren County New Jersey. I'm still trying to find someone with experience to lease or part board my boy. Even if you only know someone who may be interested, I figured this was the place to ask.

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