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Balance Saddling Clinic

Saddling for Success
An interactive workshop, demo, and saddling clinic for horse owners, riders, and professionals in the horse industry presented by Carol Brett, co-founder of the UK-based Balance Organisation and a leading authority on the connections between saddle design and equine biomechanics.

Hosted by:
Hollandale Farm
Elizabeth, PA
(About 20 miles south of Pittsburgh)
May 19–20, 2007

If you are interested in helping your horse to preserve, or even rediscover, a healthy, athletic body and efficient, beautiful movement, the information provided in this workshop, demo, and saddling clinic will be of immense value.
Bring your saddle with you and find out if it is helping your horse to perform well by understanding the impact of its design features on your horse. Discover what ridden horses need from their saddles in order to avoid damage, discomfort, and loss of performance. Get some idea of how you might improve the way a less-than-perfect saddle could work.
During the workshop and demo, you will have the opportunity to study what has become known as the Balance Saddling System. However, this event is not a selling exercise! Certainly, when you have seen the difference that this ergonomic approach to working with saddles can make, you may want to give your horse the opportunity to try it. The 1½-hour private saddling consultations (pre-register to ensure your space) provide a thorough evaluation of your horse and saddle. Whatever you decide, you will certainly go home with a lot of valuable information.

Workshop and demo: $45
(includes lunch—please bring your own chair)
Private saddling consultation: $115
(please note: it’s very important that those who participate in a saddling consultation also participate in the workshop and demo. An additional fee will be assessed for those unable to attend the workshop and demo.)

For more information on the clinic and registration, comment here with your email address.

Fore more information on the Balance Organisation, visit
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