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Fresian Cross Mare for sale

Ok.... I need to know if anyone might be interested in buying a Fresian cross mare for $4,500. She is in my opinion worth more than that, and the person currently training her is marketing her for $10,000 for "quick sale" however he is currently being slandered over a good portion of the internet and we are pretty sure she will not sell quickly if at all because of that. Also, of course we had our doubts about this trainer to begin with but are now feeding into the negativity and are worried about leaving her with him longer than necessary.
We are located in Northeastern, PA. She is 15.0 hands 4 years old. She has amazing potential and is extremely athletic. She was doing W/T/C and cross rails as well as starting some light lateral work when she was in training with me.
She DOES however have some silly little 4yo. things she does such as sometimes swish her tail and swing her head going into the canter. For the new trainer this has become a buck and bolt but I ABSOLUTELY NEVER had this problem with her.
I can give pictures and plenty more info to anyone who is even the slightest bit interested.
She is register able and EXTREMELY beautiful. In fact that is why her owner was suckered into buying her because she is so stunning. However we have come to find out the owner just simply does not have the patience for a young horse even though this mare is completely appropriate in her training.

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