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Free Horse

Ok, so I know there aren't many people on here near me, but I will first say that I am in Northeastern Pennsylvania - Harvey's Lake to be exact. Most likely the horse will have to be picked up.

Description and details behind the cut

Danny is a good old horse. He is the typical "husband's horse". He is a 21 year old Chestnut Quarter Horse gelding. Typical QH build.

On the left.

I will tell you three things right now before I go any further:
1. he is not as in good of shape as he was in those pictures. His owner stopped grooming him, exercising him and in general taking as good of care of him. I can give a full explanation of all of this and how he looks "different" if you're really interested.
2. He is really attached to that other horse. If you take him he WILL SCREAM and act like a general moron for at least a few hours, if not a few days. In general though he is a very cool level headed, normal horse.
3. He doesn't canter. He spent a good part of his life being a cart horse and I am told that is to blame for his lack of cantering skills. Then he was pretty much a pleasure, goofing off, trail horse so when / if he ever did canter it was willy nilly whatever lead he pleased. So he does canter on one lead and with LOTS of work he can learn the other lead, but I would rather just say he doesn't canter. He is a really easy horse to be around and to have around the barn. His worst habit is nickering CONTINUALLY at dinner time until he is fed. Sure, it gets annoying but he doesn't grunt or spin or kick or paw. He just NICKERS, like all get out.
He will ground tie, stand tied all day long, stand for the vet, farrier, dentist, to be worked, groomed etc. etc. Doesn't bite or kick EVER. Middle man in the pasture. Goes barefoot and is a relatively easy keeper (in his day he was probably one of those that gets fat on air, but he is older now and I think would do well on Senior feed).
As far as I know he has good teeth and has always had consistent worming, dentist work, farrier care and vaccinations as long as I have known him (a year and a half).
He WAS on joint supplement for a while because he was really creaking and cracking, but then he ran out and the farrier pulled his hind shoes and he actually did WAY better without them. Just recently we pulled his fronts and he seems to move around even better!
He has a VERY smooth trot, if you don't gear him up it's so smooth its almost impossible to post to.
He is a fabulous bareback horse, loves to go in a halter and leadrope.
His only riding quirk (besides cantering) is if you are weak or inexperienced, or just don't know any better he will walk right out the door of the arena and go eat grass :)
A good kick in the side or simply not letting him fool you and he stops even trying pretty quickly. Not spooky at all, great on trails, very simple to ride.

He comes with his bit and bridle, halter and lead, spare halter, and a stable sheet and if i can find it, a fly mask and sheet.

ask me any questions. :)
it's worth a shot!!
he needs to go yesterday.
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