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Open stall (or paddock!) in Northeast Pa!

Hey all! I run a small boarding facility in Northeast Pa. We currently have room for either a pasture board horse or a regular full board horse. You can visit our website here: and see pics of the farm and facilities.

We really take pride in individual care and unfortunately seem to specialize in those horses with "special" needs (older horses, horses with baggage, hard keepers etc. etc.) although the "normal" ones are JUST as happy :)

Now, normally we don't go advertising our availability all willy nilly on internet forums but it's a bit of an "emergency".

A friend of mine works at a TB farm where part of her job is exercising many of the horses. Due to the current economic situation the owners are "getting rid" of many of the horses including our favorite, who is the sweetest animal you will ever meet and really deserves a better home than the one we fear he will get by being sold "dirt cheap". The owners are willing to give this horse to my friend for free BUT she doesn't have any room left at her house.
So the deal I have made with my husband is that if we can fill one of the open spaces (pasture or stall) that I can bring that horse here where he will be WELL cared for and my friend and I can sleep at night.

If you know of anyone looking for board in my area please give them the heads up. We're normally a very quiet and small private boarding facility so we're not super well known in the region, but you certainly get your money's worth here. Besides training horses that I get for a month or two here or there, we get boarders that come and NEVER leave and wonder why they didn't move sooner.

Thank you!!!

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