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Facilities Needed

Hey all. I am an IHSA coach in the Pennsylvania / NJ area.
I am looking for a facility in PA or NJ that has an arena (indoor is a plus) large enough to SAFELY jump an entire equitation course.
More importantly a facility that has a few (20 would be perfect but we'll take what we can get) safe horses for us to use would be an even bigger bonus.

Every team in our region must host a show every year. We've been using a large show barn in NJ whose facilities are MORE than adequate but their school horses are LESS than well taken care of. Many appear lame and most need a few hundred lbs on them, not to even mention the ill fitting tack. I've taken it upon myself to start the search for alternatives. We sometimes host at smaller private barns but this means that we have to scrounge up horses to use (we require at least 20 for every show in order to fill all skill levels and ensure that no horse goes over worked) which is ok for 1 or 2 shows a year but gets tiring weekend after weekend and I am sure that's why we're still grudgingly giving money to this establishment who is CERTAINLY not using it to shoe, feed or blanket their horses.

So, if you know of any place that might be an option please let me know. An arena is a start, useable horses would be a godsend.

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