Meg (digital_blitz) wrote in tri_stateriders,

Hello from upstate New York

Hi! My name's Meg, and I'm from Saratoga Springs, NY.

I've been riding for over four years now, yet I'm perpetually stuck on the bridge between beginner and intermediate rider.

I've been working with a (now twenty-year-old) Warmblood gelding named Ahli for the better portion of my career thus far (winter of my first year to present, I believe). The two of us make quite a pair sometimes.

It's an old pic, but despite a few issues, we looked pretty good then, and even better now that I'm no longer a total newb.

More pics can be found in my Scrapbook gallery "Total Horse"

Ahli is a lesson horse at a small stable called Total Horse. I'm not his only rider, and he has to deal with a lot of beginners, so he's got more issues than he should, but he's overall a very good horse.
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