it's a long way to the top (xihateyourx) wrote in tri_stateriders,
it's a long way to the top

Reputable Trainers Near Northeast Pa

Hey Equestrian-ers. I am looking for a trainer who would be no more than 2.5 hours from me that I can trailer my horse in for a lesson once a month or so.
TBH what I'd really like is someone ELSE to get on the horse and solve his problems because at this point I have hangups about it all and I don't see ME fixing it until someone else does it successfully.

What's the problem, you ask? F'n flying changes.

So, if you know anyone, anyone at ALL, that takes trailer in lessons that will get on the horse themselves, in 2.5 hours or less from Northeastern PA (specifically Harvey's Lake, PA) please let me know.
Heck, if any of you want to come and try yourselves, there's a fun day and a jar of home made black raspberry jelly in it for ya ;)

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